Niema Widaha

Silicon Valley, CA · (347) 557-7147 ·

A student studying Computer Science with the determination of using the Software Engineering skills she’s developing to navigate learning neural networks in order to make a difference in the upcoming Machine Learning and AI revolution. She hopes to make use of her Android Development skills in order to pay her way through a Masters Degree and to fund her goals of starting, maintaining and owning a clean energy centered technology business one day. (soon)


Core Fellow, Android Development

Pursuit - Long Island City, NY

Selected for Pursuit Core Fellowship, an intensive 10-month, Google-funded software engineering program with a 9% acceptance rate (out of 1500+ applicants). Fellows are prepared with in-demand technical and professional skills and have been hired as developers at leading companies such as Pinterest, JP Morgan, and Spotify. Topics included Java, Android SDK, REST APIs, Git, data structures, algorithms, and tech principles & culture. Accepting only 5 % of applicants, the highly selective program is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and product development.

September 2017 - July 2018

Tech Camp Instructor

Palo Alto High School & Stanford University - Silicon Valley, CA

Taught the Java for Making Apps and Games course, Robotics for VEX kits course, Film Production for Youtube, Photography for Instagram courses, and 3D Modeling courses at IDTechs Palo Alto HS and Stanford locations.

June 2019 - August 2019

Photo Image Technician

Irvin Simon Photographers - Elmont, NY

Sorted through a large volume of high-quality digital images and prints. Uploaded objects into the digital asset management system in a timely and accurate manner. Judged and corrected digital images for color balance, contrast, tonality, and density when compared to original objects, photographic prints, or transparencies. Tracked image production and workflow. Consistently and accurately named image files, as well as matched image files.

September 2018 - November 2018

Assistant Graphic Designer

Irvin Simon Photographers - Brooklyn, NY

Developed the graphic design for marketing materials and web content. Led intake sessions with new customers to understand and document their graphic design needs. Determined best software programs and printing tools for each of the job requests.

November 2017 - August 2018


42 Silicon Valley

Software Engineering - Fremont CA

C Programming Bootcamp and Software Engineering School

November 2018 - Expected: Spring 2022

Pursuit Fellowship

Android Development - Long Island City, NY

Gained hands-on experience with many external libraries, APIs (e.g. Retrofit, AsyncTask), SQLite, JSON, data structures & algorithms, tech principles, and the Android SDK; honed skills including teamwork, code reviewing, pair programming.

September 2017 - July 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Atomic Design Methodology
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with client services, and freelancing



42 Silicon Valley

In this project I discovered the basics of graphic programming, and in particular how to place points in space, how to join them with segments and most importantly how to observe the scene from a particular viewpoint. I also discovered my first graphic library: miniLibX.

Get Next Line

42 Silicon Valley

With this project I was able to write a function that will allow me to read a line ending with a newline character from a file descriptor.


42 Silicon Valley

Libft is an individual project at 42 that requires us to re-create some standard C library functions including some additional ones that can be used later to build a library of useful functions for the rest of the program. Disclaimer: Reinventing the wheel is bad, 42 makes us do this just so we can have a deeper understanding of data structures and basic algorithms. At 42 we're not allowed to use some standard libraries on our projects, so we have to keep growing this library with our own functions as we go farther in the program.

Guide Me

Android Application

Android mobile app that allows low income NYC families to find the nearby Medicaid Offices and sort through job opportunities offered by the New York State. Utilized the Google Maps API to display location markers for nearby medical and job resources. Created all the models for the data being received form the NYC Open Data API. As Design Lead, worked on the UI/UX flow of the app.

Gray Matter

Android Application

Android mobile app that allows users to explore and develop their nine intelligence types, as recognized by psychologist Howard Gardner, through puzzles and games. Wireframed the app workflow for all 9 intelligence types. Implemented the RESTful API to receive JSON data from the NASA Open Data API’s. Currently conducting research for the content creating for the nine types of intelligence in order to develop a better model. This is my passion project and I am currently working on the conceptualization.

Awards & Certifications

  • 42 Silicon Valley C Programming Bootcamp Graduate
  • Licensed Developer - Android Certification